Starlit Quilts

My name is Starlit Bear and I have been sewing most of my life and quilting for about over 15 years. What you will see on my website are quilts I have pieced and or quilted. I have a passion for quilting and I to appreciate the opportunity to quilt for so many wonderful customers.

If you are interested in having your quilt quilted by me on either of my APQS Long Arm machines, please feel free to call and or email. I have computerized samples or custom free motion quilting available. I have 2 different long arms I use one for custom quilting and one for computerized quilting. 

I offer several levels of quilting.

Level 1 -  Edge to edge, computer designs. Waiting list is currently 7 days.

Level 2 -  Edge to edge quilting. Dence computer setup and designs pantographs at this level - billed at 2¢ per sq inch

Level 3 -  Custom quilting, ruler work and quilting following the quilt layout - can be billed up to 5¢ per square inch. This level is always more time consuming and more intricate. 

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